50 Most Useful MS Word Shortcuts

I am pretty much sure that most of the MS Office users only use ‘Ctrl+c’ and ‘Ctrl+v’ shortcuts to copy and paste in their documents and files but here we have much more than this. There are so many other shortcuts for word users that will dramatically improve and increase the editing efficiency when using Microsoft Word. You can also save most of your time by using these shortcuts to speed up your typing speed. You can use these shortcuts in almost all versions of Office as well as in paid or free download Ms Office 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2016 and in other releases. Below are 50 most useful MS Word shortcuts that will save you lots of time.

50 Most Useful MS Word Shortcuts
Microsoft Office shortcut keys

50 Most Useful MS Word Shortcuts

  1. Ctrl+0: Toggles 6pts of spacing before a paragraph.
  2. Ctrl+A: Select all contents of the page.
  3. Ctrl+B: Bold highlighted selection.
  4. Ctrl+C: Copy selected text.
  5. Ctrl+D: Open the font preferences window.
  6. Ctrl+E: Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen.
  7. Ctrl+F: Open find box.
  8. Ctrl+I: Italic highlighted selection.
  9. Ctrl+J: Aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen.
  10. Ctrl+K: Insert a hyperlink.
  11. Ctrl+L: Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen.
  12. Ctrl+M: Indent the paragraph.
  13. Ctrl+N: Opens new, blank document window.
  14. Ctrl+O: Opens the dialog box or page for selecting a file to open.
  15. Ctrl+P: Opens the print window.
  16. Ctrl+R: Aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen.
  17. Ctrl+S: Saves the open document. Just like Shift+F12.
  18. Ctrl+T: Creates a hanging indent.
  19. Ctrl+U: Underline the selected text.
  20. Ctrl+V: Paste.
  21. Ctrl+W: Close the currently open document.
  22. Ctrl+X: Cut selected text.
  23. Ctrl+Y: Redo the last action performed.
  24. Ctrl+Z: Undo last action.
  25. Ctrl+Shift+L: Quickly create a bullet point.
  26. Ctrl+Shift+F: Change the font.
  27. Ctrl+Shift+>: Increase selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increase font +2pts.
  28. Ctrl+]: Increase selected font +1pts.
  29. Ctrl+Shift+<: Decrease selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower; if above 12, decreases font by +2pt.
  30. Ctrl+[: Decrease selected font -1pts.
  31. Ctrl+/+c : Insert a cent sign (¢).
  32. Ctrl+’+<char>: Insert a character with an accent (grave) mark, where <char> is the character you want. For example, if you wanted an accented è you would use Ctrl+’+e as your shortcut key. To reverse the accent mark use the opposite accent mark, often on the tilde key.
  33. Ctrl+Shift+*: View or hide non printing characters.
  34. Ctrl+<left arrow>: Moves one word to the left.
  35. Ctrl+<right arrow>: Moves one word to the right.
  36. Ctrl+<up arrow>: Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph.
  37. Ctrl+<down arrow>: Moves to the end of the paragraph.
  38. Ctrl+Del: Deletes word to right of cursor.
  39. Ctrl+Backspace: Deletes word to left of cursor.
  40. Ctrl+End: Moves the cursor to the end of the document.
  41. Ctrl+Home: Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document.
  42. Ctrl+Spacebar: Reset highlighted text to the default font.
  43. Ctrl+1: Single-space lines.
  44. Ctrl+2: Double-space lines.
  45. Ctrl+5: 1.5-line spacing.
  46. Ctrl+Alt+1: Changes text to heading 1.
  47. Ctrl+Alt+2: Changes text to heading 2.
  48. Ctrl+Alt+3: Changes text to heading 3.
  49. Alt+Ctrl+F2: Open new document.
  50. Ctrl+F1: Open the Task Pane.

I hope these shortcuts will do the trick for you and if you like them don’t forget to share them with your mates.

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Top 5 iPhone X problems, issues and complains

Top 5 iPhone X problems, issues and complains
Top 5 Cons in iPhone X

The iPhone X is at long last here. On September 13, Apple disclosed the “cutting edge” tenth-commemoration version of the leader cell phone. Here Are 10 Reasons NOT To Buy The iPhone X! Why The iPhone X Sucks and Why You Should Save Your Money.

Top 5 iPhone X problems, issues and complains


iPhone X is the priciest iPhone, about $130 higher than 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus. Genuine, segments now are supplanted by cutting edge adaptations, for example, A11 processor, in addition to other crisp outlines. Yet, hello, it’s $1000! The contenders have a fundamentally the same as show at a lower cost.


To be reasonable, with 64 GB and 256 GB alternatives, the iPhone X are in an ideal situation than any past iPhone models. It isn’t sufficient, however. Most likely a US$1,000 telephone discharged close to the finish of 2017 should have more stockpiling than an iPod from ten years back. In any case, it doesn’t. The iPod Classic, first released in 2007, began at 80 GB. Apple supposes you require less capacity on a telephone that shoots 4K video, takes 12 MP photographs, runs enlarged reality applications, and plays HD motion pictures than you required 10 years back on a MP3 player that utilized a click wheel.

Screen Size

The score that houses the forward looking camera and different sensors. It’s only sort of thereall the time, and Apple is grasping that. That ought to be flawlessly fine in applications, however the score is probably going to cloud content every once in a while. We’ve just observed that it stands out into recordings in the event that you play them full-screen in scene introduction. This projection at the highest point of the 5.8 inch show of iPhone X is by all accounts a deterrent when playing motion pictures and surfing the web.

Brightness and Display

The client encounters say the display isn’t that splendid. Contrasted with the galaxy note 8, the iPhone 7 which has the same evaluated nits(1240 nits and 625 nits) iPhone X seems extremely diminish in a brilliantly lit room.Besides OLED shows are more inclined to shading moving. Furthermore, OLED is additionally exceptionally powerless against consume in. On the off chance that you leave a specific picture on an OLED screen for a really long time, you risk that picture being held, or “burned into,” the screen after some time.

Face ID

There’s lack of home button or Touch ID. Apple iPhone X attempt to wind up plainly extraordinary by incapacitate the unique mark sensor and change it with Face ID or Face location to open screen bolt at iPhone 10. Opening your phone requires taking a gander at it. Apple said that utilizing Face ID is more secure a few time if contrast and unique finger impression sensor. Be that as it may, a few clients think the disadvantage of utilizing Face ID since it isn’t so natural to work.


We are not saying iPhone X is a most exceedingly awful model, all we are attempting to state is it’s not worth consuming an opening in your pocket. for Apple, the iPhone is a business. It offers all the iPhones it makes (the special case is by all accounts the iPhone SE) so clearly it can value the new iPhone at any value that customers will pay. Thus far we have seen that purchasers will pay a great deal of cash to Apple for the iPhone.Expecting high deals with the two variations of the telephone pegged in any event $1000 is somewhat rich. Apple needs to comprehend that.

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